Never give up!

Name: Jessica Badham
Course: BSc English Language and Literature
Placement Position: Content Writer
Location: Drop Studio Crowdfunding Agency, Birmingham, UK

Post #1

How did the process of finding your placement go? 

In all honesty, exhausting. Before I got my placement at Drop Studio, I had been through two lengthy applications for the BBC and Bentley Motors. I got through the third stage with both but failed to pass onto the final stage. This I won’t lie was frustrating. My stress levels were to the roof! It did affect my confidence…but I powered through it. I applied for more roles, kept the applications going and strived to stay positive. Eventually, I came across Drop Studio on Indeed. I was immediately attracted to the role. As someone who writes regularly and even lucky enough to publish a book, I knew it was something I could see myself fitting into. Only. It’s voluntary. Now, I will admit, as we all can, having a placement that is paid is a lot more appealing—being a student isn’t cheap. But, it isn’t just about that. A placement should be about the experience of the working world and learning to grow as a person. So, I applied. I had to provide a portfolio, complete a written task, have an interview and surprisingly, I was given the job straight away and asked to start as soon as possible.

So, yes, finding a placement won’t always be easy but you’ve just gotta keep going. Never give up! And use the resources available. The Careers Team are always on hand and I can’t thank them enough!

What is your job role and responsibilities? How has it been so far?

Drop Studio is a crowdfunding agency who focus on helping entrepreneurs and businesses launch their business by appealing to investors on certified crowdfunding sites like Crowdcube through marketing and film production. My role is a content writer, so I have huge responsibilities in writing crowdfunding scripts, reviewing treatments and supporting the campaign manager, but I’m also not limited to learning with the film team. On the first day, I was thrown into the deep end, having accountability for client’s work. So far, I have written six scripts which have been produced into their crowdfunding films. The most recent is for a banking app, Muniy, where I wrote the script and had to tailor all the information in the form of the POV of the phone as all shots were taken from a Go-Pro to illustrate the various tasks a person will complete throughout the day.

I’ve actually accomplished quite a lot from the short space I’ve been here. And what’s more important, I’ve come to learn the ins and outs of an industry that I wasn’t aware of. I just thought  crowdfunding was like Kick-starter campaigns, I had no idea that large companies already making a name for themselves could appeal to investors for further investment. It has made me appreciate the length that entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses will go to launch their product or service into the national and global markets.

As for working there, the office so far has been lovely to work with as everyone is so friendly and willing to help. I also work from 9 to 5:30 each working day which had taken the first week to get used to but I can confidently now say that I’ve gotten myself into a routine. I’m actually enjoying my placement and I feel as part of the team. Placement so far is definitely worth it!


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