about my placement…

Course: Economics & Management– 2021/22 Placement Year
Placement: Supply & Pricing Analyst for EMEA IOTG – Intel

This time last year I was in a similar position to you, endlessly searching for a placement while carrying the stress of exams in my second year.

Studying Economics & Management itself felt like an overwhelming pressure on my shoulders. I felt mentally exhausted and quite honestly, I was extremely close to giving up. One thing I will say is to always be optimistic.

Robert Noyce – founder of Intel and also a remarkable man, highlighted “don’t be encumbered by history, just go out there and do something wonderful”. The first stage is networking with individuals with a similar mindset of success and also individuals from the company you want to work for (hint: networking with recruiters on LinkedIn is your golden ticket). 

The next stage is mastering your cv and cover letter. I would propose this structure: 

For the Cover Letter:

  • Who are you and why that specific company 
  • Your experience/strengths and what skills you’d bring to the company 
  • Extracurricular activities and additional reasons for why you are the best candidate

For the cv:

  • Education is at the top 
  • Any voluntary/work experience is second
  • Extracurricular is third 
  • Awards and achievements last
  • In each section, most recent experience first!

Remember the Careers and Placements team is available for all of your CV and cover letter needs and support!

Also, remember adding a personal touch to your cover letter is crucial as you want to make an impact. You need to strategically outline how you can drive strong results in the desired company – this can be achieved by tailoring your own experiences to their values and goals. The final stage is to join a programme, which gives you access to academic and professional opportunities – SEO LONDON!! This was heaven on a plate, as it broadens your knowledge in regard to preparing for interviews and learning more about the company in detail. 

The different processes you may encounter will include online/psychometric testing, video assessments, telephone interviews plus the final interview/assessment centre day. Every firm is unique, hence why doing your research is paramount. Do not stress too much about the online testing as that can be solved by practising numerical/situational judgement tests online for free.

Video assessments can be perfected by understanding mock interviews with the placement team (book one ASAP). A telephone interview is a walk in the park if you research the company well and are prepared to answer why you should be selected. The assessment centre is tough as you are competing against other driven individuals. Be honest in your interviews and being nervous is natural. Rehearse your stories as these will set you apart from the rest. Good luck! 

You might think this is some cliché advice you may hear from a careers development website, however, this is what I did to land a placement at a highly reputable firm. 

There is more to come, in the meantime feel free to follow me on LinkedIn!


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